Changing Themes

I started this blog a little over year ago, but haven’t been keeping up with it. The main reason is that I’ve been spending more of my free time painting and there just hasn’t been as much time leftover to research and write about the topics I intended to write about here.

As a result I have decided to keep a different blog to track my progress and evolution as an artist, and if you’re interested you can follow that here.

Of course I am still involved in soil work and may still update this blog sporadically if I get the inspiration but for the most part I will be over on the new one 🙂


How do you paint an invisible animal?


The soil under your feet is crawling with invisible life forms. Well, not exactly invisible, but you can’t see them without the help of a microscope. Most people I’ve met don’t know what a protozoa is, or if they do they often have vague associations with things like water contamination and diseases. Protozoa, like bacteria, are not all bad, and there are many species of them that have different functions. I work in a lab where we take soil samples from farms and look for protozoa and other microscopic life in them. Soil protozoa are an important part of the food web that recycles nutrients into forms plants need to grow.

We often host or participate in events that involve teaching the general public about soil life. Every now and then we catch someone’s interest and they hang around asking many questions, which for us is very rewarding. Most people though, find this topic to be quite…

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